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Agricultural development depends on reliable moisture supply and suitable soils. The potential from rainfall has to be realised before the introduction of irrigation. 

Implementation of sustainable irrigation schemes and improved agricultural practices are the key to development and upkeep of food security. Proper management of the water resource, that is becoming scarce and use for water supply, irrigation, hydropower, etc is understood as main factor for proper economic development and to exploit the potentials and establish successful ventures, careful planning, design and management are essential.

In this regard MCE provides services in:

  • Resource Identification
  • Site Investigation
  • Geophysical survey for groundwater exploration and foundation studies
  • Hydro-geological investigation and groundwater resources development
  • Infrastructure Development, Including Road Networks, Offices, Workshops,
  • Housing, Power Supply and Storage Facilities
  • Introducing Systems for Proper Water Management
  • Geotechnical investigation for hydraulic structure sites


Water is essential for life. Water resources are limited and utilization calls for careful planning, project preparation and proficient operation and maintenance to attain high quality service and sustainability of the system.  Improved health and sanitation condition of human beings is a key factor for economic growth and development.

In this respect MCE’s services include:

– Project Preparation, Evaluation and Appraisals

– Studies and Surveys

  • socio-economic studies
  • health impact studies
  • demographic and water demand studies
  • hydrological and hydrogeological investigations
  • environmental impact assessment

– Design and Construction Supervision for:

  • rural water supply and sanitation
  • urban water supply, waste water and drainage systems
  • domestic water and sewage treatment
  • industrial waste treatment
  • building sanitation
  • hydraulic structures
  • solid waste collection and disposal systems


Population expansion and changes in standard of living necessitate the development, expansion and/or rehabilitation of infrastructure. This calls for a solid and well-conceived plan which encompasses diverse components ranging from land use planning to engineering solutions.

The services MCE can provide include:

– Studies

  • Socio-economic studies
  • Land use planning
  • Transport and other urban infrastructure

– Designs

  • Road designs
  • Structural designs of engineering works
  • Design of buildings
  • Design of bridges
  • Design of Railways
  • Power Transmission Lines

– Surveys

  • Topographical surveys
  • Soil survey
  • Site investigation

– Construction

  • Contract Administration and Management
  • Construction Supervision

– Management

  • Contract Supervision


Agriculture, including livestock husbandry, is the most characteristic form of Ethiopian economic activity.  Eighty five percent of the population is rural and depends on agricultural activities.    Dependency on rain puts food sustainability in a serious challenge. A well developed irrigation system to large and small holder farmers is vital for efficient per hectare harvest and self sufficient agricultural production. Linkage of theseagricultural produce to the manufacturing sector will uplift country’s capacity to add value and market it beyond its borders.  Agro industry is an integral part in linking the long dominating agriculture sector to the emerging small scale industry.

To this effect MCE provides:

  • Irrigation and Land Drainage System Design
  • Design and supervision of hydraulic structures
  • Land Use Planning
  • Soil and Topographic Survey
  • Crop study
  • Water Shade management
  • Agricultural Marketing Study
  • Livestock management study
  • Project Preparation, Appraisal and Evaluation


At present the world is faced with a complex environmental situation.  Everyday the air, soil, water, human beings, fauna and flora are endangered. To reduce the risk, the debilitating effects of human activities have to be minimized.

To address such concerns MCE provides services related to:

  • Afforestation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Soil Conservation
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Water Pollution Control
  • Watershed Management
  • Development Project Related Environmental Study


Trained staff and institutional capacity are necessary for sustainable development in each sector. 

To facilitate these, MCE:

  • Assesses Training Needs
  • Develops Programs and Provides Assistance in their Implementation
  • Formulates Community Awareness Campaigns
  • Prepares Training Materials and Documents

Provides Training